Azeen's Afghani Restaurant
110 E Union St.
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 683-3310
Cross Streets: N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Parking:  Self
Cuisine: Afghani
Afghani cuisine is mainly influenced by that of India, Persia and Mongolia It draws together spices from India, styles of cooking meat from Persia and noodles from Mongolia. The ingredients are fresh and without perservatives. The flavors of Afghanistan include garam, masala, saffron, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, chilies, coriander, black pepper, parsley, dill and mint. Onion and tomato are also important in Afghani cooking.

Afghani cuisine is noted for its succulent kabobs. Kabob-e-Gousfand is a lean cut of lamb marinated in a myriad of spices and seasonings, served with bread and seasoned brown rice. The Kabob-e-Murgh for example is a delicious skewer of marinated and charbroiled chicken served on a bed of seasoned brown rice. Other authentic dishes include Quabili Pallaw, lamb covered with brown seasoned basmati rice and topped with chopped carrots and raisins, and Mantu, a pastry shell with onion and beef filling and topped with curried vegetables.
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Dress Code
Meals Served
Dinner, Lunch, Dinner, Lunch
Restaurant Style

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Beer, Hand Crafted Beers
Ambiance & Style
Authentic, Romantic
Payment Methods
Cash, Visa
Price Range
$$ ($9-$15)